10/8 Beds Mixed Dormitory

US$ 6 (per night)

This type of dorm is available for both girls and boys. It is well furnished with bunk beds. The room is very wide and big with more large windows. It is carpeted and decorated with different types of light bulbs and the wall paintings. The mattress, blanket and pillow are traditionally designed and made conveniently.

Hostel Himalaya has the three mixed dormitory rooms. One of them is at the ground floor with 10 beds made up of carved wood with reading light and others at first and second floors with 8/8 iron beds with reading light. Except the ground floor dormitory, all rooms are facilitated by the attached bathrooms. However, there are two unattached bathrooms are available at the ground floor mixed dormitory which is accessible for the wheel chair person and the bathrooms are also made concerning with the needs of such disables. Besides, the sunny balcony is at the first floor dorm whereas the top bathe is available at the second floor dorm.

Every day the rooms are washed and cleaned; and each of room sharers gets the fresh towel. The fresh bed sheet, pillow case and quilt cover will be provided for the new arrivals.